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They monitor existing plants and their emissions, they provide licensing for new plants, and oversee the handling and disposal of nuclear waste material.

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One of the key aspects of what the NRC does is dictate the limits of exposure to the public, along with other guidelines and limitations on the nuclear industry to ensure that safety standards are met. Other agencies involved include the Department of Homeland Security, which coordinates with various state agencies and organizations to provide radiation security for facilities and events.

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The Federal Transit Administration also is involved, dictating the means by which radioactive material may be shipped and how it must be labeled and placarded. Surprisingly, while most nuclear power workers never receive anywhere close to that amount, some workers in the medical field, such as those working with X-ray fluoroscopy machines, are amongst the highest occupationally exposed workers. Pregnant women who are occupationally exposed may choose to but are not required to declare their pregnancy and receive lower dose limits throughout the term of the pregnancy.

Licensed facilities have to have programs in place to limit exposure, and be able to demonstrate that procedures are in place that members of the public would not be exceeding those levels.

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Some states and municipalities have departments that are equipped to deal with radioactive material. Either as part of a local fire department, a stand-alone hazmat team, or a larger state emergency management agency, these groups are equipped to perform radiological surveys of areas suspected of having radioactive contamination, be it from an automobile accident involving shipment of sources, to a suspected terrorist incident.

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The Basics of the Regulatory Process | Laws & Regulations | US EPA

The situation has gotten much worse over the past year. President Trump has tweeted about withholding the licenses of NBC affiliates and lashed out at other media not to his liking. Fake news is nothing new. Centuries ago, anti-Semitic publications spread rumors that Jews murdered Christian children and drank their blood on holidays. Over the past two years, social media have increased the amplitude and reach of fake news.

The latter should be more than enough reason to reject calls for government censorship of fake news.


Instead, social media networks could develop and implement algorithms for identifying and removing fake news by marshaling the same engines that spread fake news in the first place. These algorithms would not be administered by the government; rather, Facebook and other social media would be responsible. Twitter has already made considerable progress flagging and removing accounts that spread Islamic State propaganda.

Such self-regulation is in the best interest of these media companies. It would increase the confidence of their users in what they encounter online. It would also have the added benefit of keeping government regulators at bay. Regulating what can enter that marketplace could impair or destroy this process, by inadvertently keeping truth from public awareness. When given a small financial incentive, the subjects were able to identify fake news as fake, even if the fake news supported the political views of the subjects.

Indeed, rationality is deeply implicit in democracy itself.

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  • The key in combating fake news and kindred attacks on our body politic is to give our rationality maximum access to all information, including the truth. And in my view, this means resisting any attempts by government to limit the information that reaches us. This is an updated version of an article originally published on Nov. Screen music and the question of originality - Miguel Mera — London, Islington.

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    UEA Inaugural lecture: Alternative performance measures: do managers disclose them to inform us, or to mislead us? Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Deputy U.

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