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Nc3 Bb4 4. Nge2 b6 6. Nxc3 Bb7 8. Be2 Nbd7 O-O O-O Be3 a6 Qc2 Ne5 Rae1 Bc8 Bd4 Bd7 Qd2 h6 Qf4 Re7 Kh1 c5 Bg1 g6 Rxf4 fxg6 Rf6 Bf5 Rxd6 Nxc4 Re6 Rxe6 However, this move looks quite slow to me. Furthermore, it was already possible to advance d4-d5. I would not recommend accepting the pawn sacrifice, because after 13… exd5 Bb2 Rg6 Bc4 Bxc4 Rfd1 White gets a very unpleasant initiative that fully compensates for the minimal lack of material.

Black becomes very passive with terrible coordination of pieces and weak holes on the white squares. Now it seems that White takes full advantage of the d4-d5 advance, but Black has one surviving resource: 14… Qg5 Nxe6 [ For example: Bf3 Nxh2 Bxg4 Rxg4 In this way, White obtains a pair of bishops without spoiling his pawn structure on the queenside.

Play the 4.f3 Nimzo-Indian

That's why White is now threatening to play the modest looking a2-a3. This is the first important crossroad of the variation. Black should decide where to put his bishop and how to counter White's central strategy. This is one of the most flexible systems that Black could choose against 5.

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Nge2 - system. Black intends to meet 6. I think that this move is White's best bet in the fight for an advantage. His plan is to finish the development by playing Bd3 followed by Later on, White could consider gaining space on the queenside by means of b2-b4. This provocative move has a solid positional background. Black accepts the structure which arises after 7.

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White's main problem is connected with the difficulty to activate the c1-bishop which remains behind the pawn chain. The practice has shown that Black's idea to exchange the light-squared bishops by means of b7-b6 followed by a7-a5 and Ba6 is very decent. At the same time, after 7. We follow the same strategy as in the line Re8 6.

Main Line of the Nimzo-Indian Defense

With his last move, White prefers to keep a flexible pawn structure in the centre. Later on, after developing his pieces, he could consider the e3-e4 advance. The main position arises after the moves At this point, Black has two main options - According to my analysis, White manages to obtain a slight edge in both cases.

Nimzo-Indian Defence

Ng3 c6. This move is not so passive as it seems at first sight. After playing Nbd7 on the next move, Black is planning to go for dxc4 followed by e6-e5. The arising positions are very complicated and require deep positional understanding from both sides. In most of the cases, we will reach a position in which White has a pawn majority in the centre.

Since the queens are on the board, White could hope for a slight advantage. Played in a Grunfeld style.

Play the 4.f3 Nimzo-Indian

Black gives the centre in order to attack it later. This modern approach to the position became very popular recently. White gradually develops his pieces by making useful moves. Another idea behind the move 8. Bd2 is to take with the bishop in case of Given the fact that the dark squared bishop is restricted by white central pawn chain, White could also consider the exchange of the dark-squared bishops via the b4-square. As it becomes clear from my analysis, Black has difficulties to neutralize White's initiative.

This is Black's main continuation.