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The lamellar flow of air across the wing surfaces is, however, extremely important.

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The upward force of flight , or lift , results from air flowing faster across the upper surface than across the lower surface of the wing. Because this differential in flow produces a lower air pressure on the upper surface, the animal rises. Lift is also produced by the flow of water across surfaces, but aquatic animals use the lift as a steering aid rather than as a source of propulsion.

Drag is generally considered a negligible influence in terrestrial locomotion; and, in fossorial locomotion , the friction and compactness friability of soils are the two major restraints. Such fossorial locomotion, however, is quite rare; most fossorial animals must laboriously tunnel through the soil and thereafter depend upon the tunnels for active locomotion.

Movement in animals is achieved by two types of locomotion, axial and appendicular. In axial locomotion, which includes the hydraulic ramjet method of ejecting water e.

Cortical and brainstem control of locomotion.

In appendicular locomotion, special body appendages interact with the environment to produce the propulsive force. There are also many animal species that depend on their environment for transportation, a type of mobility called passive locomotion. A few spiders have developed an elaborate means of kiting; when a strand of their web silk reaches a certain length after being extended into the air, the wind resistance of the strand is sufficient to carry it away with the attached spider.

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In one fish , the remora , the dorsal fin has moved to the top of the head and become modified into a sucker; by attaching itself to a larger fish, the remora is able to ride to its next meal. Most motile protozoans , which are strictly aquatic animals, move by locomotion involving one of three types of appendages: flagella, cilia, or pseudopodia.

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Cilia and flagella are indistinguishable in that both are flexible filamentous structures containing two central fibrils very small fibres surrounded by a ring of nine double fibrils. The peripheral fibrils seem to be the contractile units and the central ones, neuromotor nervelike units.

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Generally, cilia are short and flagella long, although the size ranges of each overlap. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback.

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Introduction Principles Aquatic locomotion Microorganisms Flagellar locomotion Ciliary locomotion Pseudopodial locomotion Undulating and gliding locomotion Invertebrates Bottom locomotion Swimming Fish and fishlike vertebrates Anguilliform locomotion Carangiform and ostraciiform locomotion Stabilization and steering Tetrapodal vertebrates Fossorial locomotion Fossorial invertebrates Fossorial vertebrates Terrestrial locomotion Walking and running Cycle of limb movements Cursorial vertebrates Saltation Crawling Serpentine locomotion Concertina locomotion Sidewinding Rectilinear locomotion Arboreal and aerial locomotion Climbing Arboreal amphibians and reptiles Climbing birds and mammals Leaping Brachiation Gliding Gravitational gliding Soaring True flight Wings of insects Wings of birds and bats Directional control Orientation Steering.

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