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Principles of the design and use of modern electronic instrumentation in the chemistry laboratory with emphasis on spectral, electroanalytical and chromatographic instrumentation. Prerequisites: and or consent of instructor. Corequisites: and or consent of instructor. Offered each spring. Fundamentals of aliphatic and aromatic chemistry including mechanisms, syntheses, stereochemistry, and spectroscopy.

Prerequisites: grade of C- or better. Prerequisites: grade of C- or better ; grade of C- or better. An introduction to the fundamental principles of biochemistry and the application of chemical principles to biological problems. Topics include the structure and function of proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids as well as the major catabolic and biosynthetic pathways.

Prerequisite: Biology and Chemistry grade of C- or better or the consent of the instructor. Classical thermodynamics and its applications in chemistry. Prerequisites: , physics or ; math , or ; or consent of instructor. Kinetic molecular theory, mass transport, experimental and theoretical chemical kinetics. Prerequisites: , physics or , math , , or Corequisite: enrollment in and Or consent of instructor.

Application of chemistry and biology fundamentals to the study of fate and behavior of chemicals in the environment. This course will consider natural chemical processes, reactivity and transport of pollutant chemicals, and exposure and toxicology of potentially toxic pollutants to humans and the biosphere. Prerequisites: Chemistry and Biology , or consent of instructor. Offered in spring.

An introduction to the fundamentals of inorganic chemistry including atomic structure; metallic, ionic, and covalent substances; acids and bases; coordination compounds; and descriptive chemistry of the elements. Students will use electronic structure, modern bonding theories, and models tangible, virtual, and theoretical to systematically understand the physical and chemical properties of inorganic substances. Prerequisite: or consent of instructor.

Individualized projects which emphasize techniques of advanced inorganic synthesis and instrumental analysis. Prerequisites: and Corequisites: and Internships in scientific research centers or industrial laboratories. Prerequisites: sophomore status and consent of the department chair. This course does not meet major requirements.

Internship offered for 0. A detailed examination of selected classical and modern topics within organic chemistry.

Inorganic Biochemistry, An Introduction; 2nd Edition (Cowan, J. A.) | Journal of Chemical Education

Prerequisites: C- or better in and , or consent of instructor. The fundamentals of biochemistry, including an exploration of biomolecules and an introduction to experimental techniques. An emphasis is placed on understanding the structure and function of proteins, enzyme kinetics and regulation, nucleic acid chemistry, and bioenergetics. Primary literature will be used to explore topics in depth. One four-hour lab per week is required. The laboratory component will emphasize the use of molecular biology and spectroscopic techniques.

Inorganic Chemistry

Prerequisite: grade of C- or better or the consent of the instructor. Chen, P.

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Yin et al. The Cover Feature shows a remote Swedish cabin in a silvery environment guarded by a friendly Viking. The versatility of the tetradentate ligand results in a variety of coordination polymers exhibiting different 1D and 2D topologies.

Bioinorganic chemistry part 2 : Hemoglobin and Myoglobin

The sun and clouds are composed of a 2D sheet structure with octahedral silver nodes. The small path of the distorted square planar helical polymer leads to the Viking with a square pyramidal silver node at its leash, while the integrity of the tree's stem relies on argentophilic interactions. More information can be found in the Communication by A.

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