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You can control this through your Privacy Options. Few career choices in the world are as exceptional as the one to become a G Adventures tour leader. Who can say that they get paid to travel the world?

Well, you can! Take a group of travelers on life-changing trips and have the time of your life while getting paid. Meet people from all walks of life, creating happiness and community for them — as well as for yourself! This website works best using cookies. Victor and Keltie were great fun and amazingly supportive and generous of me, they really took care of me. The guides and staff at the hostel were so great, I'm going to miss them but I thank them for making my time there so enjoyable, and hey the other … read more volunteers aren't too bad either ; But seriously, I got an amazing chance to film the most incredible sights, from sunrises from the top of volcanoes, to lava itself being spewed out into the night, so it was a great experience for me and I will be staying in touch!

Smart, engaging, responsible and above all super nice people. We were happy to welcome them into our place and they helped us out in a last minute pinch.

From the first day they fit in like family, and we felt our hostel and guests were in great hands with these two. Totally overqualified to be … read more working in a hostel, so don't hesitate to welcome them into your place! Safe travels and happy adventures you two! Originally we were going for two weeks , but the warmth of the staff, the guests and especially the vibe of the place made us stay almost a month , it's amazing how with so little time in this place made us we feel at home , expeditions to volcanoes are the best of the best , highly recommended, this was our first experience in work away and we … read more can say for far exceeded our expectations , thank you very much to all the team.

If we could have stolen Anni's passport and made her stay for longer we would have! Always smiling and happy with guests, she handled some tricky situations really well. We felt our hostel was in excellent hands with her and would highly recommend her. She also added nice touches to the hostel, like little flowers and plants in recycled … read more containers. A little bit of love. We would welcome her back in a heartbeat! I had a great time volunterring here! It's a chilled place with the option of party but focused on adventure tours - loved it!

Ping Pong during the day and chilling in the cave with netflix in the evening - just perfect! I finished my month volunteering there with an awesome vulcano overnight trip and recommend you to do the same.

Go Guatemala! - Guatemalan Adventure Day Tour

Good place, good … read more people and good vibes! Miss ya guys! Patrik was a super friendly smiling face during his stay at our hostel, apart from several days of flu. We were all just happy it wasn't Dengue! He is responsible and a very mellow personality.

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He fulfilled all his duties, helped out with our adventure tours, took care of guests and did it all with a smile. We would recommend Patrik for all you … read more future Workaway hosts! All the best in your travels! I volunteered for about 3 weeks and had a great time.

There … read more are 2 volunteers so you can split up the tasks and time spent there, but one person has to be on site these hours. Also, there are no specified days off, you need coordinate with the other volunteer if you plan to be away for a day or two. I had no issue with that as I was staying in Antigua for the most part, and I had an easy time arranging a day-off for a day-trip to Lake Atitlan with the other volunteer.

However, Victor has super high standards for the hostel and was really on the top of taking care of the issue as quickly as possible. I believe there are no bed-bugs anymore : There is netflix which helps with boring shifts some days are super busy while other nights are mega quiet.

The guests are for the most part pretty awesome, laid back and adventurous folks, I met some great people, had amazing conversations and will keep in touch with some. Victor is a very nice guy, but very busy, always on the go, involved with 20 things. Antigua is a beautiful little town with amazing nature all around it. However, it is very touristy and expaty that may or may not be something you like.

This is one of the more chilled workaway's I have done, you likely won't gain any new skills, but you will have an easy time and meet nice people. Both Antigua and this workaway provide a good opportunity to just chill out a bit if you are on the road for long-term.

Thank you so much, Victor, Maribelle Luci for the great time! The hostel attracts a super cool crowd of chilled-out, adventurous people who you'll find yourself quickly friends with. As with any work relationship- keep communication open … read more and you will have a great time. I spend 3 amazing month with them! Got the chance to meet soo many nice other volunteer and guest! I felt like home , their regular staff were like a family to me. The breakfast is just soo good, and what about the cafe! They are well locaded , the terrace is amazing and the view unbelivable!

Day trip to Lake Atitlan - Guatemalan Adventure Day Tour

A chill cave and a ping pong table what do you want … read more more, drinks, well they have some and at a really good price! This was my first WorkAway experience, I only planned to stay here two weeks and I'm just heading into my sixth and final week. I didn't really know what to expect but my host family have been super welcoming, the team here is amazing and these guys have become very close friends of mine.

They treat their volunteers as equals here, they're so open … read more to your ideas and value your opinions giving you the responsibility and freedom to do projects if and when appropriate. Antigua is a beautiful city and there's plenty of time to explore as the volunteer position is only five hours an evening.

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I honestly can't recommend this place enough, I'm so very sad to leave. I worked with this guest house for about 3 weeks. There was a lot of work but I enjoyed myself greatly. The staff had always made me feel like family.

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Antigua is a great location. Guatemala is the first country that I visited for a second time and the friends that I made while working here was a huge factor. Ryann was our first volunteer for our new adventure hostel project. She walked through the doors when we were but a skeleton full of ambition to have LIFE. She shared in our vision and made a positive impact on our growth experience.

Although she said she would probably only stay for about a week, she extended and extended until she was with us … read more for about a month. Lucky us! The most startling characteristic of Ryann is her maturity and responsibility connected to her youth. It is rare to find someone so dependable while being so young.

We had a wonderful experience with her and highly recommend her for any volunteer tasks you might have. You can trust and depend on her to be there when you need her. She is really great! Staying at ox base camp for two weeks was absolutely great..!

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The atmosphere was really good and the place a lot of positive energy going on: all the staff are super nice and helpful and I couldn't choose a better place to spend my time in Antigua! Highly recommended for volunteering, it's nice to take part in creating this unique environment … read more for travelers. Can't wait to come back and see what has change since I left, hasta luego!