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Every now and then but preferably every day , take a little time to be thankful for what you have. Yes, this is a bit corny, but daily affirmations that allow you to take stock of what you have and how lucky you are will help you keep a positive mindset and keep you working hard towards your goals. Nothing will get you into a bad mood and a negative mindset faster than complaining about something. Even with all of these tips of keeping a positive mindset in business, I understand how difficult it can be to remain positive in the face of adversity.

Above everything else, you must remain confident that you will succeed no matter what challenges arise or setbacks you face. I still have negative thoughts that creep into my head every now and then, but in the end positive thoughts always win out, and that is why I continue to view myself and my career as a success. A small and apparently an unusual step can lift you to big heights. Check out CakeHR software to know how a small effort of ours is enabling big changes at work.

To help you boost your brain power and capabilities, UK-based Key Retirement has created the following infographic. Bryan is a freelance writer and editor with credentials all over the Internet, primarily at CakeHR, where he is a regular contributor. He has great interest in writing about the modern workplace and all of the ways that it continues to evolve. But we should always remember that a positive mindset in business can be the difference between success and failure. Take a look at how you can remain positive no matter what challenges you encounter.

Bryan Zarpentine September 21st, Written By. Bryan Zarpentine Bryan is a freelance writer and editor with credentials all over the Internet, primarily at CakeHR, where he is a regular contributor. Read Next Interesting. Fancy yourself as the next big Human Resources virtuoso? You are shifting the context from you trying to accomplish some task or having confidence, to simply taking some action for the purpose of moving forward. When I coach new YouTubers on creating videos, I tell them the goal is not to make a good video, it's only to get on camera and put yourself out into the world.

5 Secrets To BOOST Your Confidence - How To Be MORE Confident TODAY!

Every time you do this, you are gaining experience and moving forward. That's all we are focusing on right now. If fear is the only thing standing between you and your goals in life, you are going to have to someday face those fears if you are going to ever achieve your goals, so you might as well get it over with and face them NOW. Remember way back when I said there are two primary ways to gain confidence? There's actually a third, but we'll get to that later. I said experience was one—and we've already beat that dead horse—but now let's talk about another, perhaps even faster way, positive outcomes.

Nothing can boost your confidence more than having good results in the things you are trying to do. The thing to understand here is that it's all relative, and you can create your own positive outcomes by changing the goal, or context, like we did in the fear example earlier.

Are You Good Enough?: 15 Ways to Build a Confident Mindset by Bill McFarlan

Positive outcomes greatly boost our confidence, because once we've already succeeded, we usually feel like we can succeed again. Although, sometimes our self-doubt is so strong that we attribute all of our successes to luck—which can also be a problem. So, one great way to build confidence is to get positive outcomes in the pursuit of the thing we are trying to gain confidence in. Many times people who seem naturally confident seem that way not because they are actually naturally confident, but because the first few attempts they made at a thing were met with great success and it created this virtuous cycle where their boosted confidence led to an inhibition of fear and thus more success.

Many times these naturally successful guys will have some trait, perhaps good looks, popularity or athleticism which made their initial encounters with women successful. This lead to them becoming more confident with women, which lead to them having more success and thus more confidence and more experience and the cycle continued. I mentioned earlier that positive outcomes were relative, and it's true; let me give you an example. I look a lot more like a linebacker than a distance runner. I don't have any dreams of ever setting any kind of world record, competing in the Olympics or even ever winning a half-marathon, marathon or other distance event.

Although I recently did win a 5k for my age group. Anyway, if I set a goal of running what many people would consider to be a very fast and competitive time in a half-marathon, I would come up each time sorely disappointed, because I wouldn't even be close. I would have an extremely negative outcome.

But, fortunately for me, I don't set a goal of competing with distance runners who tip the scale at lbs and have been running distance since they were in elementary school. Instead, I set reasonable goals that are meaningful to me.

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For example, one of my first half-marathon goals was to get a time under 2 hours. This was something I felt was a good goal for a beginning runner—especially for one weighing lbs. Currently, I'm striving to hit a full marathon goal time of under 4 hours—which, hopefully in a week, I'll achieve as well.

Are You Good Enough?: 15 Ways to Build a Confident Mindset

The key is that I am purposely setting myself up for positive outcomes by picking goals that are achievable and yet still meaningful to me. Running a better race and having a faster personal best time is progress and I consider it a positive outcome. But, again, like I said, it's all relative. Someone else might think my times are slow and suck. I could compare my times and goals to those of the top distance runners in the world and I could see my results as failures and negative outcomes. But, if I did that, I would not gain any confidence in my running and it's doubtful I'd continue to run.

2. To-don’t instead of to-do

So, if you want to gain confidence, figure out ways to engineer positive outcomes for yourself. Figure out achievable goals you can set for yourself and push yourself to achieve those goals. Don't judge your results on the eventual results you'd like to get, but instead give yourself a big win just for taking action, just for getting out there and doing what you are supposed to do.

If you know that continued action, read reps, reps, and more reps, is going to eventually get you towards your larger goal, consider each time you take action a win and treat it as such.

Doing so will let you put a few notches in your belt and will bolster your confidence. Now, I feel like I should warn you that there is a danger of positive outcomes that come a little too easy and that is: overconfidence. You see this all the time in what we sometimes refer to as beginner's luck.

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A person tries a thing that they don't have much experience or skill at, they are met with sudden—undeserved—success and they get an inflated perception of their own abilities. When our confidence is not based on experience, but is solely based on positive outcomes, a sudden negative outcome can evaporate all that confidence immediately—like getting punched in the stomach and getting the wind knocked out of you.

The antidote for this problem is to make sure your confidence at it's core is based on actual skill and experience and that you honestly evaluate your successes and positive outcomes to understand why they occurred. Did they happen because you were skilled or because you were just lucky, or perhaps some combination of the both. Two books come to mind that address this issue.

In Thinking In Bets , Annie helps you to understand the role of luck and skill in all outcomes in life and give you some tools to evaluate the make up of the two. Most of the time a combination of experience and engineered positive outcomes are going to be the two most effective ways to gain confidence, but there is a third tool which can aid both the acquisition of experience and the achievement of positive outcomes: practice and preparation. Sometimes, we can't even gain direct experience in what we are trying to gain confidence in because we just don't have the opportunity or the price of failure is too costly.

Consider the futility of becoming confident and gaining skill in military combat by being in military combat situations. In just about all situations—but especially these kinds— practice and preparation can bolster confidence by simulating experience and priming us to expect and achieve a positive outcome when we do get the chance to gain actual experience.

I don't have to run a marathon to gain confidence in my ability to run one on race day.

What is confidence? What is Self-confidence?

Instead, I can practice and train hard. I can simulate race day by going over the course and doing a walk-through of the sequence of events that will occur and where I'll need to go and be at certain times. I can do a rehearsal of a marathon race to build my confidence ahead of time for when I am in the actual experience.

Now, this doesn't mean you can completely substitute practice and preparation for real experience and real positive outcomes, but you can achieve a very high level of confidence simply by being prepared for the real experience or event—especially if your simulations are good. To use this tool properly, you need to adequately plan and prepare for how to best practice whatever it is you want to gain confidence in. One of the most effective things you can do to increase your skill level and build competence, which will translate into confidence, is something called deliberate practice.